Director, The Curious Otters

Founder of media production company providing video and film production services for commercials, advertisements, industrials, music videos, narrative and documentary films. Director, writer, cinematographer, photographer, producer, business management.

film production

Mr. Turtle. Feature film. Writer. (in development)
Under the Ice. Feature film. Writer. (in development)
Heaven. Narrative feature film. Writer/director. (in development)
The OrchardMini-series. Writer/director. (in development)
Lucky Jack. Narrative feature film. Writer/director. (in development)
Itch. Narrative short film. Writer, director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer. (2018)
United Energy.  Industrial/customer testimonial for SAP. Editor, colorist. Goebel + Mattes, producer. (2017)
Santa Clara County. Industrial/customer testimonial for SAP/Ariba. Editor, colorist. Goebel + Mattes, producer. (2017)
Haunted House. Industrial/commercial for Sophos. Cinematographer, Editor, Goebel + Mattes, producer. (2017)
App Challenge. Industrial/customer testimonial for SAP. Editor, colorist. Goebel + Mattes, producer. (2017)
Energy Village. Documentary short film for Al Gore's NGO, The Climate Reality Project. Producer/director/cinematographer. Shoulder Hill Film, producer. (2016)
Double Negative. Narrative short film. Writer/director/cinematographer. Miguel Parga, producer. (2015) Winner, Best Short Film Audience Award, Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; Best Actor (Joanna Rhinehart), Best Screenplay, VisionFest 2015; Graduate Craft Award/Screenwriting, 2017 NYU First Run Film Festival; Best Cinematography,/Short, 2016 Chain NYC Film Festival.
Lamentation. Director/cinematographer/editor/colorist. Short dance film for Martha Graham Dance Company. Ying Xin, choreographer/principal dancer. (2016)
Borders. Narrative feature. Writer/director. The Curious Otters, producer (in development)
Sunrise. Documentary feature. Director/cinematographer/editor. The Curious Otters, producer. (in post-production)
Pro Force. Commercial. Cinematographer. Miguel Parga, director; The Curious Otters, producer. Asian World of Martial Arts. (2014)
Screen. Commercials. Writer. Kworq, producer. (2015)
The Exam. Narrative short film. Cinematographer. William Speruzzi, writer/director. Winner, Best Cinematography/Short, 2016 New York Chain Film Festival. (2014)
The Minions. Narrative short film. Cinematographer. Jeremiah Kipp, director. (2014)
Shortest Distance. Narrative short film. Cinematographer. Miguel Parga, writer/director. (2014)
English Dream. 14 music videos for concept album. Cinematographer. Jonathan Spottiswoode, director. (2013)
Asian World of Martial Arts. Commercial. Cinematographer. Miguel Parga, director. (2014)
BMW/Guggenheim Lab. Long-form commercial. Cinematographer. Benjamin Flaherty, director. (2011)
In Montauk. Narrative feature. Cinematographer. Kim Cummings, writer/director. (2012) Winner, Best Cinematography/Feature Film and Technical Award for Best Cinematography, Long Island International Film Expo 2012. Nominated for Best Cinematography, World Music & Independent Film Festival 2012.
The Director Sees. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Benjamin Tiven, director. (2011)
Square Grouper. Documentary feature. Camera operator. Rakontur. Billly Corben, director. (2011)
Limelight. Documentary feature. Camera operator. Rakontur. Billy Corben, director. (2011)
The Jonestown Defense. Narrative feature. Colorist, composer, musician. Standing Eight Films. Greg Takoudes, director. (2011)
The Kosher Cucina. Fiction TV pilot. Cinematographer. Michelle Walson, director. (2011)
Auf Wiedersehen. Documentary feature. Cinematographer, co-director, editor. Linda Mills/Peter Goodrich, producers. (2010)
Let's Play. Documentary feature. Cinematographer. Dennis Ostermaier, director. (2010)
Hard Knocks. Cinematographer. Spec commercial. Fred Guerrier, director. (2010)
Mom's Gonna Love You. Director, editor. Spec commercial for cell phone headset manufacturer. (2010)
Calvin Klein - Ecstasy. Spec commercial. Cinematographer, editor. Jeremiah Kipp, director. (2010)
Yuri Lane. Cinematographer. Spec commercial for clothing company. Fred Guerrier, director. (2010)
Ponies. Narrative feature. Gaffer, HD colorist. Nick Sandow, director. (2009)
Moving Forward. Narrative short. Gaffer. Joshua Weber, writer/director. (2009)
Salgan & Salgan. Documentary feature. Cinematographer. Zona Audiovisual, SRL, producer. Caroline Neal, director. (2008-)
Studio Days. Documentary feature. Cinematographer. Al Gorgoni, director. (2007)
The Greims. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Peter Bolte, writer/director. Winner, Best Short, Little Rock Film Festival (2010)
Unaccompanied. Narrative short. Gaffer. Guo Shang-Sing, writer/director. (2009)
That's What I Like. Music video. Cinematographer. Andrew Blackwell, director. (2007)
Missing Persons. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Sam Kretchmar, director. (2007)
An Old Hope. Narrative short. Gaffer. Dan Govozden, writer/director. (2009)
It Strikes Twice. Narrative short. Gaffer. David H. Kim, writer/director. (2008)
Flower of a Girl. Narrative short. Gaffer. Kim Cummings, writer/director. (2008)
Evening News. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Richard Gianotti, writer/director. (2007)
Leaving Ashland. Narrative short. Writer, director, editor. Colleen David Janes, producer. (2007)
XY. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Yan Xing Cao, writer/director. (2007)
Healing Babylon. Documentary short. Director, editor, sound recordist. (2006)
Trouble. Director, editor, cinematographer. (2006)
Work To Eat. Documentary short. Cinematographer. Trisha Solyn, producer/director. (2006)
The Translator. Narrative short. Writer/director/editor. (2006)
A Good Man. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Brooke Swaney, writer/director. (2006) The Aerialist. Writer/director. (2005)
Day Laborer. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Kristen Swanbeck, writer/director. (2006)
The Aerialist. Narrative short. Writer, director, editor. (2005)
Glory Days. Narrative short. Writer, director, editor. Kim Cummings/Wendy Giman, producers. (2003)
Orpheus. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Jeremiah Kipp, director. (2002)
Tales From Ground Zero. TV segment. Editor. Animal Planet, producer. (2001)
Tufts University. Informational video. Editor. Patricia Bannan, producer. (2001)
The Gentleman. Narrative short. Editor. Jonathan Spottiswoode and Sam Serafy, director/writer. (1999) Short film competition selection, Slamdance 2000. Distributed on the Independent Film Channel.
Delivery. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Patrick Sullivan director, Whitney Hamilton, writer. (1999)
The Mousetrap. Narrative short. Cinematographer, editor. Jeremiah Kipp, writer/director.
Weeki Wachee Girls. Narrative short. Cinematographer, editor. Kim Cummings, writer/director. (1999)
Distributed by Atom Films. Featured at over 50 film festivals, including the Taos Talking Picture Festival (Georges Milihs Award short film finalist), Florida Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival.
Valentine's Day. Narrative short. Cinematographer. Roxanne Dent, writer/director. (1999)
Near To You. Narrative short. Lighting director, composer. Jeremiah Kipp, writer/director. (1999) Distributed by and Always
Opera Singer. Narrative short. Cinematographer, editor. Kim Cummings, writer/director. (1999)
Hadassah: Kissed By The Gods. Documentary feature. Cinematographer. High Frequency Wavelengths, producer. (1998)
My Lucky Porn Star. Documentary feature. Cinematographer, editor. B.C. Kagan, producer. (1998)
Amherst Pines. Narrative. Cinematographer. Low Rez Productions, producer. (1997)
Unspoken. Narrative short. Editor, writer, director, producer, composer. (1996)
Either B# or Cb. Narrative short. Cinematographer. David Fasciano, writer/director. (1996)
Nobody's Baby. Narrative short. Director, writer, editor, cinematographer. (1995)


photography and imaging

Brian Dilg Photography LLC. Private advanced Photoshop instruction, photography and instructional workshops for clients worldwide. (1989-)
New York Film Academy. Founding Chair, Photography Program; Instructor, filmmaking and photography programs. Curriculum design, teaching, administration, and marketing for one year, BFA, graduate MFA, and short-term photography programs. (2010-2014)
Canon USA. Screenwriter and on-camera talent for photography tutorial videos. (2013)
Red Bull Theater. Photography and retouching for theater promotional and publicity art. (2007-2014)
Storytellers NYC. Photography and retouching for cover band. (2012)
Random House. Contract photographer for fiction book covers. (2005) Spottiswoode and His Enemies. Photography, compositing and retouching for CD cover and insert art. (2006)
Aja Nisenson. Photography, retouching and graphic design for posters, postcards, publicity images. (2009-2011)
Bronwen Exter. Photography and retouching for CD cover and insert art. (2006)
Ogilvy. Photo retouching for commercial advertising images. (2007-2008)
Fuel Digital. Photo retoucher for commercial advertising images. (2005-2006)
Spottiswoode & McMahon. Photography, compositing and retouching for CD cover. (2005)
NBC Universal. Photo retoucher/compositor for celebrity portraiture. Digital pre-press tech support. (2004-2005)
Simon and Schuster. Contract photographer/retoucher for fiction book covers. (2002-2003)
Hyperion. Contract photographer/retoucher for fiction book covers. (2002-2003)
New School University. Photography, compositing and retouching for theater production promotional images. (2005-)
Noble Desktop. Instructor and courseware developer for Advanced Photoshop retouching classes. (2003-2004)
JP Morgan Chase. Designer/compositor for electronic presentations. (2003-2004)
Spottiswoode and His Enemies. Photography, retouching, digital imaging and cinematography for CD covers, promotional art, music and concert videos. (2003-)
LaMaMa Theater E.T.C. Photography, retouching, digital imaging and video production for various off-Broadway theater productions. (2004-2009)
Kimberly Matela. Fashion photography, retouching and digital imaging for costume and fashion designer. (2003-2009)
Trinity College. Photography, retouching and compositing for theater production and marketing materials. (2004)
Various clients. Production still photographer for commercial film shoots. (2004-)
Maine Media Workshops. Director of digital imaging program; technical director for film program. (1996)
Aspen Tech. Still photographer and cinematographer for 1997 100% Club corporate retreat. (1997)

corporate and design

JP Morgan Chase. Designed marketing/communications presentations, web sites and CD-ROMs. Photographer, retoucher, cinematographer, designer, illustrator, video editor, animator, writer, voiceover talent. (1999-2004) Designed and developed web site for an organizational development firm, including animation, photography, digital imaging, graphic design, sound design, and programming. (2004) Designed and developed web site for costume designer. Shot and retouched fashion photos for site and promotional use. (2004)
High Frequency Wavelengths. Promotional reels for dance company. Cinematographer. Marilynn Danitz, producer. (1999-2001)
PC Week magazine. Produced training videos and 2D/3D corporate identity animations. Developed courseware and provided stand-up employee software training in desktop applications. Programmed primary editorial application for production of magazine. (1989-1991)
PC Week/Ziff Davis Publishing. Cinematographer/ camera operator, various corporate events. Various clients. Provided stand-up training in desktop software applications. (1988-2004)



Why You Like This Photo. Octopus Books, 2018. Writer, photographer.
30-Second Photography, Ilex Press, 2014. Editor, writer, photographer.


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Technical Director, Film program; Director, Digital Imaging program. Maine Media Workshops. Rockport, ME (seasonal, 1996)
Multimedia Consultant, Musician, freelance. Provided multimedia development and stand-up software training to corporate clients. Cambridge, MA. (1988-1993)
Chief Engineer, Freelance Musician, Sound Graf Recording Studios. Phoenix, AZ. (1983-1987)


Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS
Adobe Certified Instructor
New York University, New York, NY. M.F.A. Film Production. Full scholarship recipient. (2010)
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, B.M. in Professional Music, Summa Cum Laude, with concentration in music synthesis, production, and engineering. Multiple scholarship recipient. (1992)
Central Wyoming College, Riverton, WY. Full scholastic scholarship student, major in music performance, minor in radio/television production. Additional scholarships for music and theater.
Additional studies in photography, fine art, film production, and liberal arts at The New School, NY; the School for Visual Arts, NY; Boston Film and Video Foundation, Harvard University, School of Museum of Fine Arts, and the Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA. 1989-2001.