Yeah, he blogs, but grumpily. As a wise person once said, the only redemption for the inevitable suffering that comes with living is to make art about it. The worst experiences make the best stories, but I also write to remind myself not to miss those tiny, beautiful things that make up every day. It's nice to shoot for the stars, but it's a journey full of unexpected marvels, not a destination. I try to write about those.


Why You Like This Photo

A look at some of the science and psychology behind our aesthetic preferences in photography, this comprehensive book also examines how to apply the ways in which viewers notice and assign meaning to construct better photographs. Written by and illustrated with photos by Brian Dilg. Published by Ilex Press.


30 Second Photography

A primer on the foundations of photography, covering composition, exposure, lighting, history, theory, post-processing, and the visual language. Written by

Brian Dilg, Adiva Koenigsberg, Jackie Neal, Marc Prüst, and Ben Sloat. Edited by Brian Dilg.