Rock and roll meets the 1927 silent film masterpiece "Sunrise" when film composer Giovanni Spinelli is commissioned by renowned archivist and director Paolo Cherchi Usai to write and perform a modern wall-to-wall rock score - with only one electric guitar. This is an excerpt from a longer documentary that is still in production. If you have trouble viewing this, try the You Tube version:
This is a short film that I wrote, directed and edited as my second year project at NYU grad film. It was shot by cinematographer Dane Lawing on Super 16 (SR-2), mostly Kodak 7218. IMDB page:
This is a teaser for a short documentary I directed and am editing about one New Yorker with a very unusual combination of careers. Currently in post-production.
This is a short film that I wrote, directed and edited in 2002. It is an excerpt from a feature length script that follows the adventures of a serious young musician on the road with a bar band trying very hard to reinvent himself as cool by ingratiating himself with a couple of would-be rock stars. The project was shot in three days in Long Island, New York on a Sony VX1000 DV camera.