Why You Like This Photo

A look at some of the science and psychology behind our aesthetic preferences in photography, this comprehensive book also examines how to apply the ways in which viewers notice and assign meaning to construct better photographs. Written by and illustrated with photos by Brian Dilg. Published by Octopus Books.


30 Second Photography

A primer on the foundations of photography, covering composition, exposure, lighting, history, theory, post-processing, and the visual language. Written by

Brian Dilg, Adiva Koenigsberg, Jackie Neal, Marc Prüst, and Ben Sloat. Edited by Brian Dilg.


A Pregnant Photographer Deals with an Affair

A review of the feature film In Montauk on IndieWire, with cinematography

Rethinking Lenses (B&H Photo/Video)

A technical article discussing key features of interest to cinematographers and photographers

Small Lights, Big Looks (B&H Photo/Video)

An article advising cinematographers and photographers how to supplement daylight with artificial lighting to achieve a polished look

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