Brian is the founder and director of The Curious Otters, a film production company that provides development and production services for narrative and documentary films, television, advertising, music videos, and industrials. Below are some samples of his work as a director, writer, cinematographer, and editor.

A reel of Brian’s cinematography and directing work

I directed and shot this documentary for Al Gore's NGO, the Climate Reality Project. It was a privilege to portray one of the most progressive green energy centers in the world, a tiny dairy village in Bavaria, southern Germany.

 In 1999, the town council of Wildspoldsreid in Germany (population: 2,600) set out to become completely energy independent by 2020 with renewables. Today, using a combination of wind, solar, hydropower, biomass, and biogas, the town produces seven times its energy needs - and sells the rest to the grid.

Rock and roll meets silent film classic when composer Giovanni Spinelli is commissioned by archivist and director Paolo Cherchi Usai to write and perform a modern wall-to-wall rock score for the 1927 silent film masterpiece "Sunrise" - with only one electric guitar. This is an excerpt from a longer documentary that is still in production.

"Double Negative" is a narrative short film that I wrote and directed in 2014-2015, an acerbic comedy about a young boy looking for answers to his father's death who stumbles into the back yard of a foul-mouthed English teacher trying to drink herself into oblivion after a painful divorce. For full information including director's commentary, deleted scenes, and more, please check the film's web site: For full cast and crew information, check our IMDB page. Double Negative is part of The 3x3 Project.

A Hardknocks sportswear spec commercial that I shot for director Fred Guerrier.

A beautifully horrifying thriller short film that I shot for director and long-time collaborator Jeremiah Kipp, written by Joseph Fiorillo, and starring Lukas Hassel, Cristina Doikos, and Robin Rose Singer.

More about director Jeremiah Kipp on his web site.

A fantastically taut thriller in the vein of his 70s favorite 70s influences, I shot this short film for William Speruzzi, about a man whose promotion hinges on him taking a medical exam. After a home visit with his pregnant wife and six-year-old son present, he finds out that the medical examiner has a more insidious agenda. It took home the prize for best cinematography at the 2016 Chain NYC Film Festival.

Find out more at director William Speruzzi's web site. The Exam is part of The 3x3 Project.

Badly missing my family this Christmas, I put together this little home video from three years ago. Just me hanging out with Dad during a beautiful snowstorm as he cuts some wood for the fire (they have plenty on their ranch). Helped by Finn the crazy boxer dog and a couple of their horses.

Trailer for a new dance piece choreographed by Martha Graham dancer Xin Ying featuring a new score by Giovanni Spinelli. Danced by Xin Ying, Tadej Brknik, and Leon Cobb.

A music video for "That's What I Like" that I shot for New York City-based band Spottiswoode & His Enemies, directed by Andrew Blackwell.

Get music, concert news, and much more madness at the web site for Spottiswoode and His Enemies.

Supercat struggles to survive a very. Boring. Day. Just a little home video I made about the Supercat, who gets very annoyed and bored when it's too wet to go outside - by his own choice, mind you...